Showtime Module

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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
7722 Module not fully W3C comliant when using Nivo Slider 2012-03-20 Minor Showtime-3.0 None Open Nobody Mats Brorson
7845 Module not fully compliant when using JQuery 2012-04-18 Minor Showtime-3.2 None Open Nobody Prue Rowland
9291 When only one image in slideshow, dont show controls, since its pointing back to index (#) if clicked 2013-05-31 None None Open Nobody Emil Berg
9339 PHP Warning 2013-06-24 Minor None Open Nobody Bourdon
9567 can not install Showtime => Fatal error 2013-10-02 Critical Showtime 3.3 None Open Peter Peter Desender
9705 Upgrade of Showtime causes it to forget settings 2013-12-03 Minor Showtime-3.3 None Open Nobody Paul Baker
9975 Showtime injects NivoSlider CSS even when is not used 2014-05-02 Minor Showtime-3.4 None Open Nobody Guillermo Peña
10155 Error showing up when saving a show after latest update 2014-08-13 Major Showtime-3.4 Fixed Open Peter Dean Demetria
10222 Showtime doesnt slides 2014-09-15 Trivial Showtime-3.4 None Open Peter Navid Shafeie
10441 Critical security bug found in Showtime 2015-03-07 Critical Showtime-3.4 None Open Peter Brandon Wieser
10716 Showtime 3.4 not compatible with CMSMS 2 2015-10-19 Critical Showtime-3.4 None Open Nobody
11227 Don't work with pretty Urls active. 2016-11-24 Critical Showtime-3.4 None Open Nobody Marius