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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
374 API For module developers 2006-02-05 None Open Robert Campbell Robert Campbell
1407 Subscription Tag 2007-03-14 None Open Nobody Paul Hodgson
1992 User preferences: email address change 2007-12-29 None Open Nobody Michel Godts
3430 Re do job 2009-05-11 None Open Nobody Jeremy Bass
4707 standard Text Message "Template" 2010-03-20 None Open Nobody Maurice van Doorn
4852 Schedule jobs 2010-04-27 None Open Nobody Aleksandr
5664 Attachment Folder 2010-11-12 None Open Nobody Mike Hynes
7489 copy message button 2012-01-20 None Open Nobody Sander Hartveld
8443 Unsubscribe from specific list 2012-09-26 None Open Robert Campbell Peter Stubbs
8600 Add new event Confirmed_email 2012-10-30 Fixed Open Robert Campbell agi webconseil
9965 Purge old unconfirmed email addresses 2014-04-23 Fixed Open Nobody Jurrie Overgoor
10488 More info in history 2015-04-10 Awaiting Response Open Robert Campbell Tomas Amsrud
11102 Ability to make Name field mandatory 2016-07-30 None Open Robert Campbell Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11176 More filter options, sorting, and user stats/history 2016-10-04 None Open Robert Campbell Stephan
11721 Selected Users bulk action option to add users to a list (Admin panel) 2018-01-31 None Open Nobody Aris Lidopoulos
11808 New EU GDPR - track ip of NMS confirming subscriber 2018-05-03 None Open Robert Campbell Martin Poettgen
12140 Add admin option to allow users to unsubscribe from private lists 2019-09-14 None Open Robert Campbell cyrcle
12394 GDPR Send email only to users registered since 13 months 2020-12-10 None Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg