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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
1419 Glossary terms containing special characters not found 2007-03-27 None Open Nobody Eberard Friedrich
3183 use of apostrophe in term 2009-03-19 None 0.6.5 Accepted Open Jonathan Schmid Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
3698 Site Term Filtering Options 2009-07-13 Major 0.6.8 None Open Nobody T Lowenhaupt
3772 Single term option is ignored 2009-07-23 Major 0.6.8 None Open Samuel Goldstein Sofia Hauschildt
4317 body tag messes up global body tag 2009-11-19 Major 0.6.8 Invalid Open Nobody Daan Baars
5183 cmsms1.8.1 & Glossary 0.6.8 issue 2010-07-20 Minor 0.6.8 Awaiting Response Open Jonathan Schmid Phil Scoltock
7065 Sentences / terms containing special characters (like äöü) are not displayed correcly 2011-10-31 Major 0.6.8 None Open Samuel Goldstein Reto Corrodi
8868 Accent not recognized 2013-01-26 Minor v1.0 None Open Nobody Mélanie Tremblay
9017 question mark does not work with pretty urls 2013-03-06 Minor 1.0 None Open Samuel Goldstein nic mare
9695 Debug mode not disabled / commented 2013-11-27 Trivial v1.0 None Open Nobody Nils Brauneberger
11019 NOT Working 2016-05-07 Critical v1.1 None Open Nobody Joram
11166 {glossary_terms} block plugin not working in 2.x 2016-09-22 Minor 1.0.3 None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)