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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
5902 Issue when editing/creating templates 2010-12-31 Minor 1.22.1 None Open Robert Campbell Wayne ONeil
6495 Images always get resized to 75px wide 2011-05-19 None 1.25.3 None Open Robert Campbell Jeremy
6572 incomplete string explode 2011-06-14 Major 1.25.4 None Open Nobody tom
6823 changelog.html is malformed 2011-08-24 Trivial 1.26.6 None Open Nobody David Ursem
6831 Quotes are removed from string in smart_explode 2011-08-29 Minor 1.26.4 None Open Nobody Leo Holsti
10365 sortablelists bug if used twice on one page 2015-01-15 Minor 1.44.5 None Open Nobody Chris Taylor
10398 ijmage watermark not working and logs is filled with warning and watermarking not working 2015-02-02 Critical 1.45 None Open Robert Campbell itgirl
10505 No feedback if MCrypt is missing 2015-04-28 Trivial 1.46.4 None Open Robert Campbell Tomas Amsrud
10961 Big watermark for small Image = error 2016-04-05 Major 1.51.2 None Open Robert Campbell Vladimir
11296 Admin Templates not displayed 2017-02-17 Minor 1.53.18 None Open Robert Campbell adrien jaures
11387 wrong cache set for class.jsloader.php and patch 2017-05-23 Minor 1.55.1 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Philippe Thomas
11415 "Invalid resource name passed to CGExtensions::CGGetTemplateResource" - CGHeadMaster / CGExtensions 2017-06-19 Major 1.55.5 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Tomeko
11428 wrong url on logout 2017-06-23 Major 1.55.5 None Open Nobody Jack Skiba
11488 2 x problems with {cge_country_options} 2017-07-14 Minor 1.55.6 None Open Robert Campbell Mario S (rotezecke)
11492 Fatal Error wrt orders / country list 2017-07-17 Critical 1.56 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Tomeko
11663 cgjs_render strips single spaces in css 2017-12-08 Minor 1.57.1 None Open Robert Campbell TimdeBuurman
11718 cge_prettyhtml or cge_minhtml set to TRUE remove html5 picture tags (not sure it's a major bug) 2018-01-30 Major 1.59.1 None Open Robert Campbell Philippe Thomas
11828 render function always use /tmp/cache for output JS or CSS 2018-06-01 Minor 1.60.4 None Open Robert Campbell Philippe Thomas
11989 Selecting FEU in admin throws fatal eror 2019-03-14 Critical 1.62 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Phil Scoltock
11991 Crashes with CGSmartImage 2019-03-15 Critical 1.62 None Open Robert Campbell Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
12026 Installing CGExtension 1.62.6 on a fresh v2.2.10 installation causes site failure .... 2019-04-30 Critical 1.62.6 Awaiting Response Open Robert Campbell Darren Kierman
12029 CSS URL not appended correctly. 2019-05-03 Major 1.62.8 None Open Robert Campbell Darren Kierman
12031 public function smarty_function_helptag($params, $smarty) 2019-05-04 Major 1.62.8 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Darren Kierman
12042 PHP Fatal Error 2019-05-18 Critical 1.62.9 None Open Robert Campbell Jason
12043 PHP Fatal Error 2019-05-18 Critical 1.62.9 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Kim Birkeland Skorgenes