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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12041 CGEcommerceBase + CGExtensions 1.62.9 2019-05-14 Major 1.8.9 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Hyun Kelle
11973 parse_adjustment adds instead of subtract 2019-02-19 Minor None Open Robert Campbell Magal
11843 {cgecomm_company_address assign=foo} does not work 2018-06-23 None 1.8.9 Fixed Open Nobody Rolf
11791 Could not get product info for sku mysku from the Products module 2018-04-09 Major 1.8.6 None Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg
11601 Last version CGEcommerceBase does not work for SisowGateway module 2017-10-11 Critical 1.8.5 Invalid Open Robert Campbell Peter Desender
11598 cgecomm_erasecart / saving weight units 2017-10-09 None 1.8.5 Fixed Open Nobody Rolf
11457 Store address - postalcode/zipcode label is lacking required asterisk 2017-07-04 Trivial 1.7 None Open Robert Campbell Ruud van der Velden
8473 tag cgecomm_company_address not working 2012-10-03 Major 1.3.11 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Tomáš Havlas
8453 Probably wrong variable name 2012-09-27 Minor 1.3.11 None Open Robert Campbell Tomáš Havlas
8059 Field "Postal/Zip code" is necessary to fill in, but it isn't marked with *. (On page Store Address) 2012-06-21 Trivial 1.3.11 None Open Nobody Victor Avgust
7494 Add to cart smarty tag error 2012-01-21 Major 1.3.9 None Open Robert Campbell Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
7357 Typo in documentation/duplicated content 2011-12-15 Trivial 1.3.9 None Open Nobody Russ Wilson
7014 Shop Address tab : erases all informations when a field is missing 2011-10-25 Minor 1.3.5 None Open Robert Campbell Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
6558 HTML inputted into Supplier Settings Line Item Description Template does not show up 2011-06-07 Major 1.3.1 None Open Nobody Luke van de Paverd
6552 class.cgecomm_sourcetranslator_products.php causing error notice 2011-06-05 Trivial 1.3.1 None Open Robert Campbell Steve O'Shaughnessy
6523 bug in class.cg_ecomm_cartitem.php 2011-05-27 Minor 1.3.1 None Open Robert Campbell Steve O'Shaughnessy
6325 Attribute Drop Down Not Populated 2011-03-27 Major 1.2.4 None Open Nobody zark
5272 Missing default admin icons 2010-08-07 Minor 1.2.2 None Open Robert Campbell Mike
5130 General settings / Lenght Units: --Add Me - module:CGEcommerceBase string:units_centimeters-- 2010-07-05 Major 1.1.1 Fixed Open Nobody Arjan Moraal
5006 Error in shipping box values 2010-05-29 Major 1.1.1 None Open Nobody Jan Bakke
4881 Typo ( causing problems with currency symbol 2010-05-05 None 1.0.1 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Alane Cole
4843 Can't install 2010-04-24 None Works For Me Open Nobody Kees van Hoekelen