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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
9294 Upgrading from Cart 1.8.4. to 1.9 gives blanc admin panel 2013-06-01 Minor 1.8.4 None Open Robert Campbell marc gobes
9161 Call to undefined method cg_ecomm_productinfo::count_attributes() after update 2013-04-17 Critical 1.9 Invalid Open Robert Campbell noosphere
8441 When using a different products supplier, the cart module gives Products informations 2012-09-26 Major 1.8.4 None Open Nobody Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
7871 php 5.4.* strict-currency symbol notices 2012-04-24 None 1.8.2 None Open Nobody info andries
7370 Supplier param not keeped in add to cart form 2011-12-19 Critical 1.8.1 Fixed Open Nobody Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
6926 Cart quantity not updating if attributes are used 2011-10-04 Major 1.8.1 None Open Robert Campbell Oliver Seddon
6672 Image field not correct in flds array ! 2011-07-18 Major 1.8.1 Invalid Open Robert Campbell noosphere
6337 Product fields smarty access 2011-03-30 Major 1.7.5 Fixed Open Nobody Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
6315 Add to Cart - Fails to Work in IE 7,8,9 & Firefox 4.0 2011-03-24 Major Works For Me Open Robert Campbell hgmd2005
6227 empty variable unit_discount 2011-03-08 Major 1.7.5 None Open Robert Campbell marek a.
5476 Cart do not show the prices sum 2010-09-28 Major 1.7.2 None Open Nobody Gianluca Savini
4888 Not displaying correct currency symbol 2010-05-07 Major 1.6.2 Works For Me Open Nobody ian
4886 currency symbol in attribute controls 2010-05-06 Minor 1.6.2 None Open Nobody Kenneth Griffith
4885 fatal error when instaling module in version 1.6.2 2010-05-06 Critical 1.6.2 None Open Robert Campbell marek a.
4812 Call to undefined method stdClass::get_base_price() 2010-04-19 Critical 1.6 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Lukas Blatter
3760 Add {$cart_itemcount} to "View Cart" action templates 2009-07-20 Minor None Open Nobody Tyler Boespflug
3414 View Cart Image not showing 2009-05-07 Minor 1.4.3 None Open Nobody zark
2572 Multiple the same products in the cart 2008-10-17 None Open Nobody Stainless Design