Template Externalizer

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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
10711 Not working in the new Version of CMSMS 2015-10-15 Critical 2.1.6 None Open Nobody bonnie306plex
10707 Externalizer is crushing CMSMS 2 2015-10-14 Critical 2.1.6 None Open Jocelyn Lusseau Stainless Design
10587 Site is crushed after activating in 2.0-RC1 2015-07-29 Critical 2.1.6 None Open Bradley Jones Henry
9665 Module template import error because of accents 2013-11-12 Critical 2.1.3 None Open Nobody Eric Pesser
9545 Cataloger Template only updated in _module_templates 2013-09-17 Minor 2.0.11 Won't Fix Open Tamlyn Rhodes Bernd Klenk
8416 Template content disappear after non-html chars (æ ø å) 2012-09-20 Critical 2.0.8 Works For Me Open Jocelyn Lusseau Aksel Gundersen