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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
10259 Reorder controls on albums are useless... 2014-10-10 Minor 1.10.3 None Open Mark Reed Crud O Matic
9293 Pagination not working at all 2013-05-31 Major 1.10.3 None Open Mark Reed Crud O Matic
9256 Undefined variable: categories 2013-05-13 Major 1.10.3 None Open Nobody heretek
8680 No default number of tables in album 2012-11-27 Major 1.10-beta2 None Open Mark Reed Jo Druett
8499 If album name is numeric like year 2012 Album fails to load it 2012-10-10 Minor 1.10-beta2 None Open Mark Reed Keijo Hautala
8257 Metadata not loading 2012-08-15 Major 1.10-beta2 None Open Nobody Ryan
5752 ContentType / Notices / Smarty in comments 2010-11-25 Minor v1.1 None Open Nobody Carsten Wiedmann
4088 No jQuery in Opera 2009-09-24 Minor None Open Nobody Joanna Candler
3587 Autothumbnail size possible fix 2009-06-23 Minor None Open Nobody Ben
3511 cross browser issue (incl. solution) 2009-06-04 Minor Awaiting Response Open Nobody manuel
3445 W3C CSS validation 2009-05-15 None None Open Nobody blast blast
2942 Album ignores configuration of ImageManager for thumbnail path and thumbnail prefix 2009-01-26 None None Open Nobody Georg Busch
2826 Action recently updated links to admin-panel 2008-12-31 None Awaiting Response Open Nobody Joost Timmerman
2569 issue with jQuery 2008-10-15 None Open Nobody Eduardo Martinez
1868 Problem with displaying multiple galleries in one project. 2007-10-18 None Open Nobody david hämmerli
1854 "Use Inline Links" checked makes erratic album behaviour 2007-10-05 Major None Open Nobody Jacques Dupont
1672 Two Album tags on a content area resulting in double pictures in detail view 2007-08-02 None Open Elijah Lofgren René Helminsen
1626 No next links in Album for second page 2007-07-11 Accepted Open Elijah Lofgren Michael Kenis
1557 ReturnID doesnt work 2007-06-07 None Open Nobody Simon
1523 Allowing "categories" to be wrongly chosen as the "Album List Template" should not be possible 2007-05-16 Major Accepted Open Elijah Lofgren Elijah Lofgren
1268 If detailpage param is used, the back link goes back to the wrong page. 2007-01-09 None Open Elijah Lofgren Elijah Lofgren