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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
4727 URL encoding issue when changing settings 2010-03-26 Minor 1.8.1 None Open Nobody Rick Mann
8476 Lost Password Request Retrieves The Last Found Email Address 2012-10-04 Major 1.17.3 None Open Robert Campbell John Beatrice
10664 {$url_changesettings} in logout form redirect to logout form 2015-09-29 Minor 1.30.5 Fixed Open Robert Campbell jean-christophe ghio
11424 User property date start and end year 2017-06-22 Minor 2.4.1 None Open Robert Campbell TimdeBuurman
11490 Minor discrepancies in User History 2017-07-14 Trivial 2.3.2 None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby
11577 Error when required date field is less than or egal to 1 January 1970 2017-09-16 Minor 2.6 None Open Robert Campbell cyrcle
11593 FEU exports dates in timestamp format but does not accept to import dates to this format 2017-10-04 Minor 2.7.1 Works For Me Open Robert Campbell cyrcle
11633 Uninstall FEU keeps FEU Backend Group Permissions 2017-11-06 Minor 2.7.1 Won't Fix Open Nobody Tristan
11720 Username with non english characters fails 2018-01-31 None 2.8.1 None Open Robert Campbell Finn Lovenkrands
11774 Old encrypted data is not decrypted properly 2018-03-21 Major 2.9 None Open Robert Campbell Freud
11786 Sample login template doesn't contain {cge_form_csrf} tag 2018-04-03 Major 2.9 Invalid Open Robert Campbell Tristan