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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
11683 Missing Language string + always failed captcha validation : (both Resolution include) 2017-12-28 Trivial 1.3 None Open Robert Campbell Philippe Thomas
11751 Select labels include options 2018-02-21 None 1.3.3 None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11855 Store results in unique file - filename template converts quotation marks to entities 2018-07-06 None 1.5 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11868 Unable to Install Module (in latest version 2.2.8) 2018-07-31 Critical 1.6.1 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Darren Kierman
11869 cgbf_myfieldname= giving error 2018-08-04 None 1.6.1 Fixed Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11875 Bug with "Send form submission via email based on dropdown" 2018-08-21 Minor 1.6.1 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Tomas Amsrud
12028 Forms don't work 2019-05-03 Critical 1.9.4 Fixed Open Nobody Jaap Grol
12034 Handler: Send the results via email based on the value of a multi-option field - not working 2019-05-07 Major 1.9.5 None Open Robert Campbell Phil Scoltock
12038 Display Form Inline causes IDs in hiddenfields to no longer match 2019-05-09 Critical 1.9.5 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Phil Scoltock