Template Project Project to house templates used to build other projects. Share your tpl for News, Menu manager, etc. Share admin themes and frontend themes until we get the Themes Site open.
CMS Made Simple Core This is the core of the CMS Made Simple content management system.
Swedish/Svenska This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Swedish, both the core and modules. Det här projektet är för alla översättningar av CMS Made Simple till svenska, både själva kärnan och moduler.
News Module This is the News module included in the default CMSMS install.
Uploads This module provides a means of allowing users to upload files to you. The module allows the user to enter a name and a comment with each upload. The administrator can set a maximum file size and can manage the uploads from the admin interface.
Newsletter Made Simple An easy to use, administer, and support newsletter system for CMS Made Simple.
TinyMCE The full-featured TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for CMS Made Simple. Allows advanced customization and profile management.
Frontend Users This is a module for cmsms that allows creation and management of front end users. i.e: Users that have access to your site, and may need to log in for some reason or another, but have no access to administer the site.
Self Registration This module allows front end users to register themselves, and provides administrators with the ability to managage the registration process.
Banners Module This module provides management of randmomly selected banners in multiple categories. Tracks, clickthrus, impressions, and expiry dates of all banners.
Bookmarks Bookmarks is a module for displaying bookmarks on your page.
Content Aliases This module adds the "Content Alias" content type to CMSMS. This lets you use content in multiple areas in your site and/or apply a different template to content.
French/Français This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to French, both the core and modules. Ce projet concerne toutes les traductions de CMS Made Simple en français, autant pour les fichiers de base que pour les modules.
Italian/Italiano This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Italian, both the core and modules. Questo progetto concerne sulle traduzioni di CMS Made Simple in italiano, sia per il progetto di base "core" che per i moduli.
Norwegian/Norsk Bokmål This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Norwegian (Bokmål), both the core and modules. Dette prosjektet inneholder all oversetting av CMS Made Simple til norsk bokmål, for både selve kjernen og tilleggsmodulene.
CustomContent The CustomContent module uses the FrontEndUsers module to allow you to present different content to users who match a criteria. Including userid, group, ip address, etc.
Guestbook With the Guestbook module you give visitors the ability to leave a message, for example how they like the website. This Module does not work with cms 1.11 for now. Please visit my blog to see what changes will be done to the guestbook and news what...
German/Deutsch This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to German (core +modules). Das Projekt beschäftigt sich mit den deutschen Übersetzungen von CMS Made Simple (+Module). HINWEIS: Die hier veröffentlichten Sprachdateien stellen nicht zwingend den ...
HitCounter This module provides a simple hit counter for individual pages on CMSMS. It counts unique visits to the page (with a timeout) and also tracks IP addresses, and user agents. The admin can exclude user agents or IP address ranges from the counting
Glossary / FAQ This allows the administrator to create a list of terms, which will appear in a paginated list. Clicking on the term will expand it to include the definition. It also allows you to turn on active term replacement across your site.