Name Type Description
Glossary / FAQ Module This allows the administrator to create a list of terms, which will appear in a paginated list. Clicking on the term will expand it to include the definition. It also allows you to turn on active term replacement across your site.
Questions Module A simple module to allow questions to be posted to an authorized admin, and once answered they're posted on the front page. Provides for pagination, categories, and email notification (to the admin) of new questions.
MBVFaq Module Displays questions and their answers. May be configured to show a single question, a single category of questions, all questions (by category), questions which match (or do not match) a specified wildcard pattern or regular expression. Categories may be assigned to an authorized admin user. This is a derivative of the 2005 MBVFaq module by Martin Vestergaard, with extensive updates, and compatible with CMSMS up to 1.11.
BWFAQ Module The purpose of this project is to easily manage your FAQ's. You can manage FAQ's, create categories and include the BWFAQ module on any place you want, how many times you want. Available fields: - Question - Answer - Category
FAQ Quiz Module Module A module to support FAQ (using question/answer tree structure) and Exam/Quiz handling. You insert the questions with one or more answers. Based upon a given answer (multiple choice only), a new set of questions can be reached. Great to get into more and more detail on questions of a visitor/customer. Based upon answer a new question or page is shown. When exam is taken, mail with results can be send.
FAQ Module Create and manage a categorized list of Questions and Answers. FAQ is prepared for multilingual sites and is CMSms 2.3 compatible