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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
5733 From-adres is the same as the admin e-mailadress 2010-11-23 Accepted Open Georg Busch Joost de Bruijn
5885 Archive with sent mails on frontend 2010-12-24 None Open Nobody Joost de Bruijn
6273 FEUs send emails to admins 2011-03-16 None Open Georg Busch nic mare
6625 html wrapper template 2011-07-04 Accepted Open Georg Busch Nik
7667 Selective send of emails 2012-03-03 None Open Nobody GB
8020 Add reply-to 2012-06-06 None Open Georg Busch Phil Scoltock
8061 sends to expired Front End Users as well 2012-06-21 None Open Nobody Simon Brown
9282 Supporting alternative text body when sending html mails. 2013-05-28 None Open Nobody Virgo Pärna