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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
2795 Category information for product in summary viee 2008-12-22 Fixed Open Nobody Robert Campbell
6816 debug messages during import 2011-08-23 None Open Nobody Ludger Merkens
7498 Add a start hierarchy option in action=hierarchy 2012-01-22 Fixed Open Nobody Mich-adg
7536 Expand and Collapse Hierarchy Structure 2012-01-30 None Open Robert Campbell Alex Buckland
8948 search module no_index param for products 2013-02-17 Fixed Open Nobody info andries
11090 Add order for options when importing products 2016-07-12 None Open Robert Campbell Daan Aikema
11406 Calling a child hierarchy 2017-06-14 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg
11419 Display active hierarchy description in summary view 2017-06-22 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg
11431 Display product image thumb in admin list and product detail edit 2017-06-26 Won't Fix Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg
11504 Breadcrumb quick tutorial in the doc 2017-07-21 None Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg
11514 Display sku, slug, alias... or not in admin list 2017-07-26 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Mich-adg
11546 Products single view page template code 2017-08-23 Invalid Open Nobody Sudhanshu Shekhar Ratnesh