[#10062] Toggling field values from admin listing doesn't work on front end

Created By: Grant O'Neill (gocreative)
Date Submitted: Mon Jun 23 00:39:32 -0400 2014

Assigned To: Tapio Löytty (Stikki)
Version: 1.4.1
CMSMS Version: 1.11.10
Severity: Minor
Resolution: None
State: Open
Toggling field values from admin listing doesn't work on front end
Detailed Description:
Here's my problem:

I have a LI2 instance used for news. I have a checkbox field called
"Announcement" which allows news articles to be designated as more important
than other news. If this field is checked, the design of the article on the site
is a little different, to help it be seen. At some point in the future, if I
don't want that article to be an announcement anymore, I toggle its status from
the admin listing page by clicking on the green tick under the "Announcement"

This works fine, and when I edit the article, the box is still unchecked, which
is still fine. But on the website itself, it doesn't actually have an effect. I
have to edit an article and actually save it before the change works on the
front end.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to ListIt2 instance (ensure there are some items here).
2. Add a new field definition (type: checkbox). Let's call this field
3. Go to instance settings > set "Checkbox" field to appear in admin listing.
4. Go to item listing tab. Click on the grey tick under the "Checkbox" column,
to change the grey tick to green (i.e. "no" to "yes").
5. Make a ListIt2 template which uses that field value somehow. For example: {if
isset($item->checkbox)} something {/if}
6. View the item on the website. (I'm viewing in summary mode; not sure if it's
a problem in all types of templates.)
7. If the item is working as expected based on the value of the "checkbox"
field, go back to the admin list, toggle the tick under the "Checkbox" column
again, and refresh the website. Nothing changes.