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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
10125 Installing AuthNetAim 1.4 causes PHP Fatal Error and crashes front end of content site 2014-07-24 Major 1.4 Accepted Open Robert Campbell Jon Reese
7755 Version 1.4 is not compatible with PHP5 for ARB transactions 2012-03-28 None 1.4 None Open Nobody Prue Rowland
4612 Still occassionally get "a required parameter was missing" 2010-02-15 Major 1.1 None Open Robert Campbell Kenneth Griffith
4465 Expires Date for CC needs to go a couple of years further out 2009-12-17 Major None Open Nobody Kenneth Griffith
4175 A required parameter was missing 2009-10-09 Critical Fixed Open Nobody Kenneth Griffith