Name Type Description
Italian/Italiano Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Italian, both the core and modules. Questo progetto concerne sulle traduzioni di CMS Made Simple in italiano, sia per il progetto di base "core" che per i moduli.
Multilanguage CMS Module Simple MLE solution for CMS Made Simple without hacking core code. Contains switch beetwen language ({MleCMS action="langs"}), Mle Blocks, Mle Snippets, Mle Translator and many more.. Installation guide: or
Eridu Module Eridu is a multilingual content manager for CMSMS. The current implementation is a fork of Babel, a module that seems to have been abandoned. Eridu is compatible with both branches of CMSMS.
TranslitAlias Module Replacing letters of the non-Latin alphabet to the characters of the Latin alphabet for the content page alias. When you add a new content page or edit it, the page alias is transliterated automatically. The module has not any settings. Simply install it. For CMS Made simple 2.x For modules use UDT: Copy modifier.translit.php from the directory modules/TranslitAlias to lib/plugins, if you are going to use it.