Name Type Description
Template Manager Module A package to replace the original template manager. It allows editing templates and associating stylesheets with templates. It also provides a stylesheet switcher.
Template Externalizer Module This module allows you to use a text editor to edit templates, stylesheets, UDTs, Global Content Blocks, and some SitePrefs (Site down message, Metadata, Default Page Content, Page Metadata) ! It exports them to temporary files on the server and watches these files for modifications which are automatically imported into the database and take immediate effect.
Theme Manager Module A module to easily import and export themes (templates and stylesheets) into cms.
Multilingual UDT Template Other A Multilingual UDT Template (sfi_multilingual_udt_template) This is a working Multilingual 'User Defined Tag' or UDT, which is really a template to be used as a base for developing your own multilingual UDT's It does not really do anything ;-) Please read the code - there are extensive comments in the code! (Apologies in advance for the translations, they were done with Google. If any one wishes to send corrections then please do and I will amend the code.) See also:,37816.0.html
Snippets Module This module allows you to create some snippets to integrate it in your templates. If you want to share some snippets, please contact me :-)
Cache Remote File Plugin This plugin is an extended - but more reliable - version of the PHP file_get_contents function. Change the content at one site and the other(s) will follow when the buffer time has elapsed. Because the tag caches the content for one hour (adjustable), it won't waste any bandwidth. The tag has several reliability checks, so even when the source website is offline for a long period the content remains available at the website. CMSMS 1.12.2 and 2.x compatible. Tutorial and demo at
SnippetMgr Module This module allows you to create file based snippets of code to integrate it in your pages and templates. Based on the Snippets module created by Totophe. Compatible to import these snippets...