Name Type Description
Random Quote Plugin A simple little tag for producing a random quote on a page from a list of quotes held in a text file stored in the root directory.
Simple Tagging Module Simple Tagging is a module allowing you to add blog-style semantic tags to your pages. These tags can be displayed on the pages, clickable to search for related pages, display a configurable list of related pages or a tag cloud. This module uses aliasing feature of CMS Made Simple and thus can be used with any language.
Tag Replacement Module The TagRep module is a string replacement module. It can be used to replace certain substrings (called tags) in the content HTML code before showing it on screen. Usage examples: autolinking keywords, tooltips for abbreviations, Wiki like shortcuts, ...
Random Guest Book Entry (Multilingual) Plugin A multilingual tag or plugin to display a random Guestbook (Module) entry on a page, in a flexible way. (Bit of a cheat as it doesn't have any real display text, but look to the XHTML produced and also the multilingual 'Help' and 'About' text.) Save the tag/plugin to your plugins directory. Just insert the tag into your template/page {sfi_random_guestbook_entry}. Please read the multilingual 'Help' and 'About' supplied with this tag for more information on using the tag and how to use the parameters. (Apologies in advance for the translations, they were done with Google. If any one wishes to send corrections then please do and I will amend the code.) See also:,38311.0.html
LoremIpsum Tag Plugin This tag populates content with a given number (up to ten) of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs.
TagCloud Module Edition Module Inspirated by the plugin Tagcloud, this module is a faster way to display a cloud tag on your website with a lot of functionality directly editable from the backoffice and a rendering much more fast ( x40) using a cache system
Tag Related Pages Plugin This plugin will create relations between pages in CMSMS, simply adding one or more tag(s) to the required page.