Name Type Description
CGSMS Module Like CmsMailer this module will allow CMSMS websites to send SMS messages.
QR Image Plugin QR Image plugin is using Google Charts API for generating QR codes from specified URL. Generated QR Codes are saved in a folder for better caching and less URL requests from other domains. Optionally you can also use base64 encoded images (watch out for IE family in this case). Since Version 1.3 you are able to generate QR Code containing not only URL but also text, vCard, meCard, Telephone or Email information. With action='custom' you are also able to use it in combination with other Plugins or UDT's for example vcard Plugin For more Information please read Help text.
SMSG Module The module provides a simple API for other modules to send text messages. It can also be used to enable website users to: send a pre-determined text message to any text capable phone, or; send a user-specified text message to a pre-determined phone number. It is a variant of calguy's old CGSMS module, with support for some SMS gateways that still operate, and lots of small refinements.
GigaHost SMS Gateway Other To provide an easy gateway to send sms's through the Danish provider GigaHost