Name Type Description
Random Image Selective Plugin Based on the original Random Image tag, this tag also allows you to specify a prefix of images to iclude as well as a prefix of images to exclude. Exclude defaults to "thumb_"
Products Module An alternative to the cataloger module, this module allows maintaining a product database, along with prices, images, and various other attributes. It also has 'add to cart' and 'checkout' functionality
Simple Slide Module This module uses JQuery and s3Slider plugin to display images like a slide show. You can create multiple slide shows and display them on your front page. It allows you to upload images, add titles, descriptions and links to the images. JQuery and s3Slider are included by default. Doesn't work with CmsMadeSimple 2.x
Section Image Plugin This plugin allows you to add an image to your site that displays according to the site section.
Image Text Module Module for inserting a dynamic image created from text. To use it, the web server needs GD: and Font Type 1 library from Powered by
Random Image Selector Plugin This tag rotates images out of a directory, simply tell it the directory you want it to look in. Usage: {random_image dir="something"}
Picasa Browser Module Allows users to browse through their Picasa Web Albums on their CMS Made Simple site. Photos are stored at Picasa and loaded when requested.
Lytebox Module A simple wrapper to the Lytebox JavaScript class.
Album Module A fully integrated photo gallery manager for CMS Made Simple. Fully compatible with CMSMS 2.x
phpMyGraph Plugin According given associated array it creates graph of png type. Graph has optional size, fonts, colors, types and some others characteristics
Gallery Module The Gallery module is a fully functional and easy to use photo gallery for CMSms. It automatically shows the images of a specified directory. Subdirectories will be shown as subgalleries. It has lots of features, such as multiple image upload, automatic thumbnailing, sorting, drag&drop, the use of multiple Lightbox-like templates or any css/javascript template you like, give titles and descriptions to your galleries as well as your photos, define custom fields, pagination, pretty-urls etc. Check the module help in your CMSms installation for documentation. Gallery is CMSms 2.2.x compatible
SuperSizer Plugin SPEED YOUR SITE UP ….!!!! •Resized images on the fly •Full caching support •Supports transparences •Subdomain controls •Apply filters •Crop the way you want •Handle UNLIMITED images •WORKS with gallery, news, FEU, any module you want - Simple, flexible!
Showtime Module Module Looking for a Responsive Slideshow? Showtime 3.4 is a fully automated slideshow, you can choose between animation types <swfobject>, <swfobject> or <Nivo Slider> (Responsive). Lates version has lots of new features, such as: * use drag&drop for multiple images uploads. * Crop your images using the default slide settings. * Protect your images with watermarking or add your logo. * Rotate your images. * Reorder you slides with drag and drop. Very user friendly interface and lots of fun to use this module!
Image Compressor Module Lossless image compression of all images uploaded to the Image Manager to improve website performance using the • Requirement: PHP setup allows accessing remote URLs using fopen.
CGSmartImage Module A simple image processing tag for smarty.. Supports image filtering, watermarking, cropping, resizing, etc... supports caching of processed images, and embedding generated images directly into the web page (smartly).
TruetypeText Module The aim of TruetypeText is to display text in various fonts on your website. You will be able to use any truetype font and to use various effects : multiple text layers, image filters, text flip, or mirror effect...
ToolBox Module This is a collection of tools for CMS made simple to do some useful things like 404 error tracking, redirect URL's (with RegExp redirect rules), HTTP header modifications, AutoLightBox, Smarty Tools, AdvancedContent Extensions and more ...
Random Image Plugin Display a random image from a cmsms directory using a smarty tag.
Showtime 2 Module A fork of: Showtime (c) 2010-2014 by Peter Orije working with CMSMS 1 and 2 If you are using Showtime 3.4 do NOT uninstall this module before installing Showtime2. If Showtime 3.4 is still installed, Showtime2 will copy the database-tables for its own use. After installing Showtime2 you can deinstall and remove Showtime, all your slideshows will be present in Showtime2. But don't forget to change your tags in the sides using Showtime from {Showtime show='1'} to {Showtime2 show='1'} Compatible with CMSMS 2.3
base64image Plugin This Smarty plugin encodes an image to base64 format. For CMS Made Simple 2.x. It can help you to make the site page faster and pass the PageSpeed Insights test. HTML: <img src="{base64image src="uploads/simplex/images/cmsmadesimple-logo.png"}" width="227" height="59" alt=""/> CSS: background: url([[base64image src="uploads/simplex/images/palm-circle.png"]]) no-repeat;
webp_image Plugin This Smarty plugin for CMS Made Simple 2.x converts an image to a webp format. Supports cache. Speed up your website with a modern image format. Usage: <img src="{webp_image src="uploads/simplex/images/cmsmadesimple-logo.png" quality="85"}" width="227" height="59"/> You can use a relative and absolute url (path) to the image in the src parameter. For Gallery: <a class="group" href="{webp_image src=$image->file}" title="{$image->comment}" rel="prettyPhoto[{$galleryid}]"><img src="{webp_image src=$image->thumb}" alt="{$image->titlename}" /></a>
SmartImage Module A simple image processing tag for smarty.. Supports image filtering, watermarking, cropping, resizing, etc... supports caching of processed images, and embedding generated images directly into the web page (smartly).