Name Type Description
Snippets Module This module allows you to create some snippets to integrate it in your templates. If you want to share some snippets, please contact me :-)
DebugSwitch Module Debug Switch allows you to quickly enable/disable the debug mode from the admin panel and rely on cookies so you're the only one to actually see the debug mode. It's really light and strait forward module. With DebugArea you can hide part of your code from the public within the template, to facilitate your debug.
Ace Editor 2.0 Module First release of the Ace Editor for CMSMS 2.x series. Hardcoded twilight theme. Admin panel that allows for some preference settings, including your preferred CSS syntax (CSS, SASS or LESS). Automatic syntax selection based on template language. On the fly editor scaling possible, on the fly font size possible via slider in the editor toolbar.
SnippetMgr Module This module allows you to create file based snippets of code to integrate it in your pages and templates. Based on the Snippets module created by Totophe. Compatible to import these snippets...