[#9932] Edit works. Page does not return on success, only shows blank screen.

Created By: DEtta R (howler)
Date Submitted: Mon Mar 31 15:24:57 -0400 2014

Assigned To: Prue Rowland (psy)
Version: 1.1
CMSMS Version: 1.11.9
Severity: Critical
Resolution: None
State: Open
Edit works. Page does not return on success, only shows blank screen.
Detailed Description:
Neither returnpage nor successpage parms work when editing a record.  The update
to the record is successful.  The cancel and delete work fine by returning to
the proper page. The blank screen also occurs when adding a record, but the
record was successfully added.

I did add the change to the actiondefault.phpcode for the template after
receiving the same error per bug #9901 and that did solve that issue, but then
the screen goes blank after submit.

Also there is an admin error for the FEEDIT module - "Module is not properly
cleaning input params."

I tried to resolve, but could not make it work.
Thank you - this is an excellent module. 


Date: 2014-03-31 17:19
Posted By: Prue Rowland (psy)

Blank screen suggests a PHP error. Are you sure you made the changes correctly?
Try reverting the code back to the original and then in your module tag
specifying a detail template from your custom LI2 instance.

The bug in #9901 is due to an incorrect call to retrieve the default detail
template. Specifically calling a detail template overcomes the problem.
Date: 2014-03-31 19:06
Posted By: DEtta R (howler)

Thanks for the fast reply.

I started over by downloading the action.default.php.  Since I  have a custom
detail template now and it does not produce the error from the earlier bug.

However, I still receive a blank screen upon editing or adding a record.  

Content Page - used to Add a record

{ListIt2FEEdit mod='ListIt2CapturePlan'  template_name='bd_update_details'
detailtemplate='bd_details' returnpage='bd' successpage='bd'}

I did not make any changes to the FEEdit  template, even though it is custom, I
reverted to original template code.

All edits and added pages work by adding and changing records, but they return
to blank screen (the url is correct).

Cancel and delete work perfect.

Is there any other information that would help to troubleshoot?
Thank you
Date: 2014-03-31 19:24
Posted By: Prue Rowland (psy)

Please email me the url and i'll take a look.

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