[#5937] CMSMailer 1.73.13 SMTP hangs site/server on failure

Created By: Eric Twose (erict)
Date Submitted: Wed Jan 05 10:32:27 -0500 2011

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CMSMailer 1.73.13 SMTP hangs site/server on failure
Detailed Description:
CMSMailer 1.73.13 test message and also registration at Forum Made Simple using
SelfRegistration causes issues if the mail server authorization is incorrect or
the mail server is either unavailable or else rejects the message. In the case
of registration, it does silently succeed.

In the web browser, an attempt is made to redirect, but the page carries on
loading and loading. The default SMTP time-out is 1000 seconds for some strange
reason, so it's possible that the process might time out, though I haven't
tested this.

At the Apache server, other PHP pages become unresponsive and though the
server's windows service can be stopped and restarted, stopping takes quite a
few seconds, so it's clearly busy, though just consuming the normal percentage
of CPU. It doesn't hang any other applications, nor does it crash Windows

I presume that rather than send the message asynchronously and redirect
immediately, the system actually waits until the message has been sent ... which
doesn't happen.


Date: 2011-01-05 11:08
Posted By: Eric Twose (erict)

I ran the test message in debug mode and the remote SMTP web server did respond:
the message was rejected because my IP was on the spamhaus list of dynamic IP
addresses, so yahoo refused to accept it.

I then tried with hMailServer on localhost, delivering either locally or
relaying via my ISP's authorized SMTP server. When set up correctly, this works

(a) When the local mail server was not running, the site/server hung.
(b) When the username for auth was incorrect, the site/server hung. Looking at
the logs, the mail server did respond to signal delivery failure with "SENT: 535
Authentication failed".
(c) When I got myself auto banned for bad auth credentials, the mail server
simply blocked without sending a response, and the site/server again hung.

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