[#11902] Increasingly assigning incorrect page number and originating URLs to comments; appears to be a fault in Chrome

Created By: Andrew Prior (
Date Submitted: Thu Sep 20 06:54:29 -0400 2018

Assigned To: Robert Campbell (calguy1000)
Version: 2.1.1
CMSMS Version: 2.2.7
Severity: Major
Resolution: None
State: Open
Increasingly assigning incorrect page number and originating URLs to comments; appears to be a fault in Chrome
Detailed Description:
This issue seems to becoming more frequent; I fixed about six comments today.

I call my comments from a line in the page  templates like this: 
{global_content name='FeedbackForms'}

{FeedbackForms} content is:
<p>{CGFeedback action='summary' sortorder="ASC"}<br /><b>Would you like to
comment?</b><br />
<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
function toggleDiv(divId) {
// ]]></script>
<a style="background-color: rgba(237, 240, 240, 0.46); padding: 5px 10px;"
href="javascript:toggleDiv('myComment');">Click to add Feedback</a>
<div id="myComment" style="background-color: #dae8ec; padding: 5px 10px;
display: none;">{CGFeedback}</div>
This code has been working fine until recently.

More often than not, if I *reply* to a comment, especially in Chrome, the
comment shows up in CGFeedback backend with an incorrect url. Indeed, it is
usually this URL: 

but sometimes other pages as well.

In phpMyAdmin I often also find that the page number is incorrect.

1465 is always the value for this. It is the "No Page Found!!!" Error page that
I have assigned in the website.

However, I have found some errors in comments originating from other people; ie,
not just with my replies.

My first thought was that the error was being caused by some sort of conflict
with the javascript which hides the comments module until someone clicks on the
link on the page. See for example at the bottom of the page listed below for how
that is working:

Therefore I set up a dummy template where the code is simply:

<p style="color: #137ea0;"><strong>Feedback<br /></strong>{CGFeedback
action='summary' sortorder="ASC"}{CGFeedback}</p>

I find the error still persists in Chrome, but not in Edge or in Firefox.

So in myphpAdmin I have several entriesin the CGFeedback table after submitting
comments with each browser.

Edge and Firefox are correct.
Chrome has always set the page number to  1465  and set the originating URL to
the wrong address, although not the one I listed above.

The comment shows up on page 1465 regardless of the original url address which
the module assigns.

Installation details are below. 


Cms Version: 2.2.7

Installed Modules:

AceEditor2: 1.05
AdminSearch: 1.0.4
Album: 1.11
CGActionBar: 1.1.2
CGExtensions: 1.61
CGFeedback: 2.1.1
CGJobMgr: 1.3.6
CGSimpleSmarty: 2.1.8
CMSContentManager: 1.1.6
CMSMailer: 6.2.14
Captcha: 1.0
CmsJobManager: 0.1.2
DesignManager: 1.1.4
FileManager: 1.6.6
FilePicker: 1.0.2
MenuManager: 1.50.3
MicroTiny: 2.2.2
ModuleManager: 2.1.3
NMS: 2.13.2
Navigator: 1.0.8
News: 2.51.3
Printing: 1.1.2
Search: 1.51.4
Showtime2: 3.5.4
SiteMapMadeSimple: 1.2.8
ThemeManager: 1.1.8
nuSOAP: 1.0.2

Config Information:

max_upload_size: 16000000
url_rewriting: mod_rewrite
page_extension: .html
query_var: page
auto_alias_content: true
set_names: false
timezone: Australia/Adelaide
permissive_smarty: true

Php Information:

phpversion: 5.6.38
md5_function: On (True)
json_function: On (True)
gd_version: 2
tempnam_function: On (True)
magic_quotes_runtime: Off (False)
E_ALL: 32767
E_STRICT: 2048
test_file_timedifference: No time difference found
test_db_timedifference: No time difference found
create_dir_and_file: 1
memory_limit: 128M
max_execution_time: 120
register_globals: Off (False)
output_buffering: 4096
test_remote_url: Success
file_uploads: On (True)
post_max_size: 32M
upload_max_filesize: 16M
session_save_path: /tmp (0700)
session_use_cookies: On (True)
xml_function: On (True)
xmlreader_class: On (True)
check_ini_set: On (True)
curl: On

Performance Information:

allow_browser_cache: Off (False)
browser_cache_expiry: 30
php_opcache: On (True)
smarty_cache: Off (False)
smarty_compilecheck: Off (False)
auto_clear_cache_age: On (True)
Server Information:

Server Software: Apache
Server Api: cgi-fcgi
Server Os: Linux 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.12.el7.x86_64 On x86_64
Server Db Type: MySQL (mysqli)
Server Db Version: 5.6.40
Server Db Grants: Found a "GRANT ALL" statement that appears to be suitable

Permission Information:

tmp: /home/mansweb/public_html/tmp (0755)
tmp_cache: /home/mansweb/public_html/tmp/cache (0755)
templates_c: /home/mansweb/public_html/tmp/templates_c (0755)
modules: /home/mansweb/public_html/modules (0755)
uploads: /home/mansweb/public_html/uploads (0775)
File Creation Mask (umask): /home/mansweb/public_html/tmp/cache (0755)
config_file: 0444