[#10867] Submitting forms breaks site template and mail not sent

Created By: Tom Arild Waagbø (Trenia)
Date Submitted: Sun Jan 31 17:26:02 -0500 2016

Assigned To:
Version: 5.2.14
CMSMS Version: 2.1.1
Severity: Major
Resolution: Invalid
State: Open
Submitting forms breaks site template and mail not sent
Detailed Description:
Imported the xlm file and activated it. When I tested my contact form
afterwards, it didn`t work anymore. I was not redirected to my "thank you" page
like I should have been. After sending the page theme disappeared (white page
with links and text only). Mail was not received.


Date: 2016-01-31 18:41
Posted By: Robert Campbell (calguy1000)

Insufficient information to reliably reproduce a problem.

Date: 2016-01-31 18:50
Posted By: Tom Arild Waagbø (Trenia)

Let me know if you need anything else.

Apache Version	2.4.10
PHP Version	5.6
MySQL Version	5.6.28
Architecture	x86_64
Operating System	linux

Cmsms Version 2.1.1

Modules installed: 

AdminSearch	 1.0	
CGExtensions	 1.51.1
CMSContentManager	 1.1
Captcha	 0.5.2
DesignManager	 1.1.1
FileManagCannot  1.5.2
Gbook	 2.0.3
  MenuManager	 1.50.2
MicroTiny	 2.0.2
ModuleManager	 2.0.1
Navigator	 1.0.2
News	 2.50.3
Search	 1.50.2
SiteMapMadeSimple	 1.2.8
TinyMCE	 3.1	Installed
Date: 2016-02-02 16:57
Posted By: Jorrit Stroosma (odf)

After upgrading CMSMailer to 5.2.14 my e-mailforms stopt sending and even a test
e-mail inside CMSMailer doesn't work.

My CMSMS information:


Cms Version: [b]1.12.1[/b]

Installed Modules:

    FCKeditorX: [b]1.1.0[/b]
    FileManager: [b]1.4.5[/b]
    ThemeManager: [b]1.1.8[/b]
    MenuManager: [b]1.8.7[/b]
    Search: [b]1.7.13[/b]
    ModuleManager: [b]1.5.8[/b]
    TinyMCE: [b]2.9.12[/b]
    CMSMailer: [b]5.2.14[/b]
    FormBuilder: [b][/b]
    CGExtensions: [b]1.51.1[/b]
    Statistics: [b]1.1.3[/b]
    NMS: [b]2.7.2[/b]
    FormBrowser: [b]0.4.2[/b]
    IPBlocker: [b]1.0[/b]
    CGJobMgr: [b]1.3.4[/b]
    AjaxMadeSimple: [b]0.4.0[/b]
    Gallery: [b]2.1[/b]
    MicroTiny: [b]1.2.9[/b]
    SiteMapMadeSimple: [b]1.2.8[/b]
    SystemInfo: [b]1.0[/b]

Config Information:

    php_memory_limit: [b][/b]
    process_whole_template: [b]1[/b]
    max_upload_size: [b]12000000[/b]
    url_rewriting: [b]internal[/b]
    page_extension: [b][/b]
    query_var: [b]page[/b]
    image_manipulation_prog: [b]GD[/b]
    auto_alias_content: [b]true[/b]
    locale: [b][/b]
    default_encoding: [b][/b]
    admin_encoding: [b]utf-8[/b]
    set_names: [b]false[/b]

Php Information:

    phpversion: [b]5.4.42[/b]
    md5_function: [b]Aan[/b] (Waar)
    gd_version: [b]2[/b]
    tempnam_function: [b]Aan[/b] (Waar)
    magic_quotes_runtime: [b]Uit[/b] (Onwaar)
    E_STRICT: [b]2048[/b]
    E_DEPRECATED: [b]8192[/b]
    memory_limit: [b]96M[/b]
    max_execution_time: [b]90[/b]
    output_buffering: [b]Aan[/b]
    safe_mode: [b]Uit[/b] (Onwaar)
    file_uploads: [b]Aan[/b] (Waar)
    post_max_size: [b]12M[/b]
    upload_max_filesize: [b]12M[/b]
    session_save_path: [b]Geen controle omdat 'open_basedir' actief is[/b]
    session_use_cookies: [b]Aan[/b] (Waar)
    xml_function: [b]Aan[/b] (Waar)
    xmlreader_class: [b]Aan[/b] (Waar)

Server Information:

    Server Api: [b]apache2handler[/b]
    Server Db Type: [b]MySQL (mysql)[/b]
    Server Db Version: [b]5.6.28[/b]
Server Db Grants: [b]Kan geen geldige "GRAND ALL" permissie vinden. Dit kan
problemen opleveren bij het installeren of verwijderen van modules. Of zelfs bij
het toevoegen of verwijderen van items, zoals pagina's.[/b]
    Server Time Diff: [b]Geen tijdverschil aangetroffen[/b]


Date: 2016-02-02 17:01
Posted By: Jorrit Stroosma (odf)

Is there a XML version of the previous version of CMSMailer available? This will
probably fix CMSMailer not working and that is important to me!
Date: 2016-02-12 05:22
Posted By: Tomas Amsrud (tamsrud)

Had same problem with CMSMS 2.1.1, using sendmail. Upgraded to CMSMS 2.1.2, and
then it prompted my to upgrade CMSMailer from 5.2.14 to 6.2.14 (?) After this
upgrade it work as it should.

Updated: 2016-01-31 18:41
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