Version 3.0
Complete rewrite for CMS Made Simple 2.1 and the new TinyMCE version 4
Please note that the upgrade script will try to keep some of your previous TinyMCE preferences, but will remove some others. You MUST configure the editor profiles right after the upgrade and make some user tests.
Please backup your files and database before upgrading.

What did change?
Everything... we did write that new version from scratch. What you'll find inside:

Hope you'll enjoy it :)

During Alpha / Beta process
We need help to test the module and improve it. Please give us feedback through the CMSMS bug report system (
During the upgrade process, the module will remove your old TinyMCE options/configurations. Please keep a backup if you need to check your old configuration later.
There will be NO SUPPORT for production versions and we will not be responsible of any data loss. Please always do backup your old files before upgrading.