We apologize for the (very severely) slipped release of 1.1, but summer, work, and our private lives have severely impacted our ability to work on CMS Made Simple and to get this release out.

This is hopefully the last release before the 2.0 series of CMS Made Simple comes out.

Many thanks go out to many people (Ted, ThomasM, SilMalarrion, Reneh, tsw, _SjG_, and others) for their help in making this a reliable release (hopefully) and in doing all of the work to get it done.

This release attacks some major points
- Efficiency
- TinyMCE is now the Default Editor for new installs
- Security
- Numerous changes to attempt to reduce the chance of xss attacks and SQL injections
- Upgrades
- New versions of Smarty and adodb_lite
- ** scriptaculous was not upgraded **
- Enhancements
- Apply/Submit/Cancel buttons are now the standard for internal pages
- A seperate syntax hilighter module can now be used for templates, stylesheets, and UDT's.
- Ajaxy code for the apply button when editing css, templates, etc. so that the scrollbar doesn't move (this is a big plus).
- News now supports multiple database templates and pagination
** And Much, Much More **