Note: This version is a complete rewrite of all functionality of the CompanyDirectory. Although the data structures have not changed, and there will be no data loss, all functionality has been rewritten. There will be functionality breakage and you WILL have to redo all templates. It is critical that you do not upgrade a live site. Instead you should do the upgrade on a development server, and only when all functionality is working should you synchronise your templates and modules with the live site.
Note: After upgrade, if you are using custom templates the module will not be able to find them and will generate errors. However, your template work is not lost. All custom templates from this module should be located in the /assets/module_custom/CompanyDirectory/templates folder. If you would like to tell CompanyDirectory to use these templates then change the calls to CompanyDirectory to sepcify the template file (with a .tpl extension). tip: use {cms_module_hint}.

Some of the changes include:

- Removing all template functionality and now use file based templates. You can still use design manager for templates if you wish, but creating new templates in DesignManager will be a copy/paste process.
- Remove the settings panel in favor of entries in the config.php file.
- Rewrite the way that Geocoding works. The CGGoogleMaps(2) modules will no longer provide geocoding functionality for this module. A replacement is available.
- The email functionality for notification on frontend edits/adds now uses a .eml file format. See the help. The format of this message is not converted on upgrade.
- Remove the search stats functionality.
- Remove the ability to associate an 'icon' with companies if CGGoogleMaps2 is available.
- Adds a flexible new query language with radius search and full text searching and more...
- Rewrite all actions, plugins and templates. Though the factory template names have not changed, the contents and functionality of them has.
- Adds extensive use of caching
- Adds more custom field types
- Removes the 'public' flag for custom fields. If fields are not to be shown on the frontend then your templates should handle this.
- The admin side CSV import functionality now only handles company records, and is infinitely more clear and flexible.
- The frontend side CSV import functionality is now simpler and uses a semi-fixed format.
- The advanced search functionality is now completely flexible. You build the form the way you want, and pass the form results to another template that builds a cdlang query. The query from the advanced search form, and the current page are 'sticky' and saved in the session.
- Removed all events, now use hooks.
- There is no longer functionality to export and import field definitions, hierarchies or categories. though some of this functionality can be addressed as needed at a later date.
- Adds better auditing
- Compatible with CMSMS v2.3
much, much more...