We are pleased to announce the release of TinyMCE 3.0 for CMS Made Simple 2.1+ series.
This is a complete rewrite in order to work for CMS Made Simple 2.1+ and TinyMCE 4+
and to use their power.

There are a lot of new stuff. First, you will be able to create configuration profiles.
The admin user can get a "full" profile, and the editor a "simple" one.
The older TinyMCE module did handle that too, but now there is no limit on
the number of profile - You can create 15 profiles if you want :)

Another new feature is the Responive File Manager that has been included
(thank you Alberto Peripolli).
It has a lot of features: upload files, navigate inside, edit images with Aviary,
setup rights according to profiles, ... Note that for security reasons, the Responsive
File Manager will not work on frontend.

The module admin page has be rewriten too, and gives you more power of the way TinyMCE
should be displayed to users. We tried to find the best compromize between flexibility and simplicity.
Most of the previous options are available again, and we provide some links to the
TinyMCE documentation for advanced users.

Now the editor demo is on the top of the profile edit page, so you can edit it, save and
see the result without having to go to another tab.
With the new DesignManger, it's now easier to include some HTML templates in TinyMCE -
You can create templates with the type "TinyMCE user template", and use it through the "template" plugin.

Before, modules like Gallery were able to give TinyMCE a button to include a gallery in it.
As the TinyMCE API did a lot change, the current functions will not work anymore.
BUT, we wrote a new version that is more flexible, and it's a matter of time before third-party
modules developers update their modules to use the new include functions.
For devs, please checkout that sample code to upgrade your module: http://pastebin.com/tgHMd1D1

As everything as been rewriten, the language files have to be rewriten too. Only English and
French are available for the moment, but we will update the translation center asap so tranlsators can do their job ;)

Hope you will enjoy the new TinyMCE module for CMS Made Simple 2. Feel free to request
features or improvements, and report bugs. Now it's time to download and install it!