-- Important Security Release --

Announcing CMSMS 1.11.13

Although we had not planned on releasing a new version of CMSMS for a while yet, a few security vulnerabilities (some that were reported to us, others that we found ourselves) have forced our hand.

The issues we found were related to reliable ways to generate a full path disclosure, and to XSS vulnerabilities, and potential flooding and denial of service attacks in the News fesubmit feature. Additionally, though minor, we fixed an XSS vulnerability in the add and edit bookmark functionality in the admin interface. These vulnerabilities apply to all versions of CMSMS.

The News fesubmit feature that allows site visitors to submit News articles was particularly vulnerable. Although we do not think that this feature is used much, it is available, and all CMSMS sites that use the News module, or have it enabled, are vulnerable to attack.

The new version of News now has an option to enable the fesubmit feature, which is OFF by default. This means that upon upgrade, the sites that do use the fesubmit feature of News must explicitly enable it in the module settings.

Because of the important nature of these security issues, we recommend that everybody upgrade all of their websites to CMSMS 1.11.13 as soon as possible. As per our support policy, the only supported versions of CMSMS as of this release are 1.11.13 and 1.11.12.

Thank you for your time, have fun with CMSMS, and see you at the geekmoot in Ghent! Read more on www.geekmoot.com