Greetings everybody, we hope you are having a great Spring. It's been a while since we've had a maintenance release of CMSMS, mostly due to the complexity of some of the issues and general time availability. It took us a while to get this one out of the door, but, we are very proud of it.

Among the fixes in this version is a change to the behavior of Global Content Blocks. From 1.11.5 onward, the name of GCBs can only contain alphanumeric characters and the underscore. This is because Smarty treats some special characters (particularly the ":") differently in its parsing mechanism. For the same reason, ThemeManager has been changed to use "//" as a delimiter between the theme name and the template or stylesheet name when importing an XML theme.

Additionally, some of the noticeable issues fixed in 1.11.5 are:
- An issue with regards to aliases and section header pages
- A pesky, hard to nail down issue with module upgrades when upgrading from CMSMS 1.10.x
- Problems with error reporting when processing Smarty templates.
- The previously released MenuManager fix for cached menu templates
- Fixes to the News and Search modules.

For a more precise list, refer to the doc/CHANGELOG.txt file in the distribution.

This release does not address every bug report entered into our bug reporting software, however, we feel it fixes most of the issues that were introduced in the 1.11.x series and all of the issues that will effect a large portion of the user community.

We encourage you to upgrade your websites to CMSMS 1.11.5 as soon as possible (always ensure you have a backup first). As of this date, the only supported versions of CMSMS are 1.11.4 and 1.11.5

Many thanks to the members of the Dev team who found and reported issues, tested the release, updated translations, and approved its release.