Improvements to the cd_company class.
Add company (admin) is now getting more oopified.
Edit company (admin) is now getting more oopified.
Minor fix to the hierarchy tab.
New Events (OnAddCompany, OnEditCompany, OnDeleteCompany) -- in progress
Extra fields are now added to the search terms (text and textarea fields only). -- in progress
Search re-index now oopified and faster.
Frontend editing completely rewritten
Use the new action (there is an option in the admin panel)
Supports editing custom fields (public only).
Supports file uploads, image processing ala CGExtensions
Enhanced security.
Default template includes lookup functionality (if CGGM is available)
Fixes to KML Import.
Adds the hierarchy info to the summary and detail views.
Adds radius searching capabilities, and sorting by distance.
Adds regexp search for name parameter.
Fixes a bug in CSV import wrt lat/long values