CMSMS 1.10.2 is more of a ‘smoothing out the rough edges’ release. Only one of the issues we addressed could be called ‘critical’.. but some of them were rather annoying and caused confusion. As well, some were old issues that we finally addressed. So it was time to get them out of the way.

Perhaps the biggest thing we changed was with the way we generate the release scripts. We now force all english variants to go into the english package. This fixed the problem with MicroTiny not working if you had just installed this package.

Secondly we fixed a harmless but disconcerting error message generated by Module Manager. Also, we addressed an issue with MicroTiny for single line input where just a module is called. And a minor issue with the urlparam argument to cms_selflink. There were also some problems with the CmsPrinting module, and some styling issues fixed in the admin themes (Many thanks to the people that contributed the changes). We also fixed a minor issue with editing content when the page alias was blanked out, and an issue with CopyContent. None of these could exactly be called ‘exciting’.

We intend now to focus our efforts on development of CMSMS 1.11.

We still recommend people to backup, then upgrade to CMSMS, and to make sure all modules are upgraded and working properly before upgrading to the 1.10.x series.