Version 1.2 "Barbados"
- Adds capabilities to have a wysiwyg on the front end
- Adds the ability to select 'groups' as additional editors
- Now the 'admin group' automatically has all permissions, not
just the admin user
- Add a new page where default settings for new pages can be set
- Adds a new file manager
- Enhance the use of permissions when adding or editing content
- Adds a new 'print' plugin capable of generating pdf filees
from one or more pages
- News 2.5.1
* Moved the default summary and detail templates into
their own tab
* Adds An extra field
- Fix issues with stylesheet name changes after hitting 'apply'
- Fixes issues with spaces or underscores not being allowed in usernames
- Fixes pagination issues in the admin log, and anywhere that uses
the built in pagination functions.
- Turn error reporting to E_ALL and turn display_errors on
if debug mode is on.
- You can no longer delete the admin group