- Fixes a potential SQL injection hole in stylesheet.php
- A new installer that uses smarty templates and classes.
it doesn't look much better atm, but does have alot more power and
is alot cleaner for the future.
- Show the footer on tags about and help pages
- Fixes to the expression that caused session_start to not always be
- Fixes for errors in get_template_vars with newer php versions
- (important) Fixes a problem where the wrong module could be unloaded
from memory if module files had been deleted manually, without explicitly
uninstalling the module first.
- Fixes to the safe mode tests
- Fixes for open_basedir issues in ImageManager
- Repeated quick reloads should no longer violate the 'cachable' page property.
- Add a download link for the admin log
- Fixes for the umask test in global settings