- Fixed several non-permenant XSS vulnerabilities
- Fixed issue with breadcrumbs plugin displaying root node multiple
- Fixed issue with multiple events being entered
- Removed global references to $db from the admin and include.php
- Added a "Modify Events" permission
- Added event for "Change Group Permissions"
- Added ability to select a file for the Link content type
- Added ability to specify default boilerplate page content
- Fixed print plugin output so that it's xhtml compliant
- Added text direction to languages for suppot of languages like
Hebrew and Arabic
- Fixed issue where 2 installs on the same domain shared login
- Fixed issue with contact form with pretty_urls turned on
- Fixed issue with LoadStylesheets() not loading the modified date
- Changed search schema layout. Now allows for expiration dates on
- Changed the icon for global content so that it doesn't look like
the Gentoo logo
- Fixed issue with expanding content in the content list when user
didn't have the Add Page perission
- Added catpcha module support to the contact_form plugin (you still
need to manually install the Captcha module for this to work)
- Added messages when admin log is cleared
- Much much more