Stops the "beta" cycle as it didn't make any sense anymore
Works in CMSMS 2.3 - Minimum CMSMS version is now 2.2.11
Updated TinyMCE to major 5.x version (5.0.15) - If you made some JS customizations you'll have to check if everything is ok, and/or update your TinyMCE JS file/template.
Should work with CSS from the DesignManager or from files (CMSMS 2.3+)
Removed the context_menu plugin from the plugins list: it's now in the core. Added some docs and removed the enable/disable of this option (always enabled). If you need the browser native right-click, you can CTRL + Right click.
Copied the cmsms_linker plugin from the latest MicroTiny, and upgraded to work with Tiny 5+. If you need that plugin in the menubar, you must now use the custom menubar option
Updated Responsive File Manager 9.14.0 - Now shipped with TUI Image Editor instead of Adobe Aviary
New file-based tinymce templates option aside of the DesignManager ones. (see the templates pref tab).
Moved / removed some prefs