Core - General
- Fix minor bug in copying content objects.
- Minor fix to array indexes when filling params in ContentBase.
- Fix to the {cms_filepicker} plugin.
- Minor fix to the 'my account' form.
- Fix error in cmsms_filepicker.js encountered in LISE.
- PHP 7.3 fix to DataDictionary::RenameColumnSQL.

CMSContentManager v1.1.8
- Fix an issue with copying non-core content objects.
- Minor fixes for php 7.3.

ModuleManager v2.1.7
- Minor exception handling improvements.
- Minor improvement to dependency detection with modules that do not exist in ModuleRepository.
- Minor fixes for php 7.3

News v2.51.6
- Minor improvements for CMSMS v2.3 compatibility.

Phar Installer v1.3.8
- Minor change to use include() instead of include_once()... not sure why.

FilePicker v1.0.4.1
- Fix type error.

Search v1.51.7
- Minor fixes for php 7.3.