Version 2.2.9 - Blow Me Down
Core - General
- PHP 7.2+ fixes.
- Now do not call Module::InitializeAdmin() or Module::InitializeFrontend() if the module loading is being forced
(as is the case sometimes within ModuleManager);
- Minor changes and fixes to prevent warnings/notices in CLI based scripts
- Improvements to the {browser_lang} plugin.
- Fixes a bug in the CmsLayoutTemplateQuery class.
- Fixes a bug with the name= parameter in the {cms_stylesheet} plugin.
- Fixes a minor issue in system information (smarty compilecheck).
- Fixes a minor issue with the tabIndex and accesskey fields in edit content.
- Fixes issue in the CmsLayoutStylesheet class related to associating designs with new stylesheets.
- Now check for an english language file first in module_custom/xxxxx/lang before a file for the current language.
- Prevent false-positive hit for "multiple_webshells_0018" rule webserver virusscanner (
- Fixes a bug in ContentOperations::LoadAllContent() if the content list had a custom content type from a module that was unvavailable.
- Fixes a bug in the Database\Connection::DbTimeStamp()

Search v1.51.6
- Minor fixes to help

MicroTiny v2.2.3
- More entropy in the mt_config.js filename to fix issues with js caching when switching users.
- Fixes in the cms_linker plugin for when trying to change a link to a CMSMS page where the alias has changed.

FileManager v1.6.8
- Fixes an upload issue.

ModuleManager v2.1.5
- PHP 7.2+ fixes.

CMSContentManager v1.1.7
- Fixes an issue with changing content type after copying a content page.

DesignManager v1.1.5
- Fixes ownership issue on templates with importing a design.