Version 2.2.8 - Flin Flon
Core - General
- Re-introduce the host_whitelist config entry that got lost in some commit somewhere.
- Minor fix to pagination in Admin log.
- Change Finnish locale priorities so that UTF-8 is first.
- Minor fix to calling hooks with a single associative array parameter.
- Adds new HookManager::do_hook_first_result() method
- cangegroupperms now calls HookManager::do_hook_first_result
- Minor enhancement to moduleoperations::_load_module() to check if the class exists.
- Minor enhancement to {cms_action_url} wrt. the page to link to if not specified.
- Deprecate CMSModule::SetParameterType and CMSModule::CreateParameter methods.
- Deprecate ModuleOperations::GetModuleParameters() method.
- CMSModule::RestrictUnknownParameters() now does nothing.
- No longer warn if a module is sent a parameter that is not registered.
Note: modules should now be cleaning parameters directly (see filter_var) from $_POST and $_REQUEST ($_GET is automatically cleaned).
Note: In the future, $params in module actions will only consist of parameters passed on the module tag.
- PHP 7.2+ fixes.
- Fix the inactive param in the page_attr plugin.

FilePicker v1.0.3
- Minor fix to delete action.

Search v1.51.5
- Now enforce utf-8 on preg_split.
- Minor parameter check.
- Removed deprecated each() function.

CMSJobManager v0.1.3
- Notices fixed.
- PHP 7.2+ fixes.

FileManager v1.6.7
- Remove un-necessary files that may cause a security vulnerability.
- prevent creating directories with leading or trailing whitespace in the name.

Module Manager v2.1.4
- PHP 7.2+ fixes.

Navigator v1.0.9
- Template fix simple_navigation.tpl. Output correct class for parent without active children.

News v2.51.4
- Notices fixed.