Version 2.2.4 - Little Paradise
Core - General
- Improvements to the Hook class.
- Minor fix to usertagoperations.
- Changes to the hierarchy selector to disallow circular references.
- Fix problems with additional editors causing page aliases to be regenerated.
- Minor fixes to Admin log browser.
- Minor fixes to Admin login.
- Add missing call Core::LoginPre hook.
- Modify myaccount.php to call Core::EditUserPre hook BEFORE the password is set.
- Fix documentation to CallUserTag.
- Fix to default handling for content_image block.
- Improve the help for the {page_attr} plugin.
- Fix a potential warning in the {anchor} tag.
- Fix boolean comparison in LoginOperations.

Installation Assistant v1.3.4
- Fixes endless recursion issue with setting a tmpdir.
- Fix issue with requiring a database prefix on upgrade.

FilePicker v1.0.2
- Now allow specifying a 'useprefix' boolean parameter to the action url which will use the current top directory.
- Add a prefix on all returned strings.
- Slight modification to the profile class.
- Now sends the FileManager::OnFileUploaded hook the same way as FileManager does.
- Adds an exception handler around the change working directory stuff.

FileManager v1.6.5
- Change upload action to call FileManager::OnFileUploaded hook before creating the thumbnail to allow a hook to rename the uploaded file.
- Now enable creation of thumbnails on install.

MicroTiny v2.2.2
- Minor fix for the filepicker if using a default filepicker profile that specifies a top directory.
- Re-adds the table plugin (went missing when we upgraded tinymce).

ModuleManager v2.1.3
- Adds audit line displaying status if cannot connect to ModuleRepository.

DesignManager v1.1.4
- Fixes problems with the cancel button not marking the form as 'clean' (not dirty).