Version 2.2.3 - Happy Adventure
Core - General
- Fixed a redirect loop problem on mixed HTTP/HTTPS sites when the secure flag was set on some pages.
- Fixed a problem with prefilters and postfilters not working if placed in /assets/plugins.
- Now use our own derivative of Smarty Internal Template so that we can send hooks, etc.
- Improved error message if there was an error parsing the template (or a duplicate content block).
- Fixes content blocks, image blocks, module blocks containing whitespace in the name.
- Minor fix to {cms_filepicker} plugin.
- Improve the CmsModuleInfo class such that if the module class file is newer it will be loaded.
- Now generate the moduleinfo.ini file automatically on install or upgrade of a module.
- Increase the maxlength attribute for password input boxes in myaccount.
- Adds a StartsWith JavaScript shiv for IE11.
- Revert the protocol-less URI for root_url (more changes coming for 2.3).
- Get rid of the smart_url config option.
- Fix a problem when testing for duplicate aliases of the form string-### where the suffix integer was greater than 100.
- More fixes to mact preprocessing if {content} was in the top of the template.
- Minor fix to ExpandXMLPackage to not throw an exception in brief mode if module is not compatible with the current version of CMSMS.
- adds new cms_entities_array function in misc to convert an array recursively to values.
- Fixes transposed arguments in UserOperations::AddMemberGroup()
- Better detection of duplicate content blocks.
- Revert template_stack change to Smarty_CMS from 2.2.2
- Improvements to HookManager.

CmsJobManager v0.1.1
- Optimization of audit logging.
- Change connection timeout to 1 second.
- Change processing to be a little more friendly to some environments wrt. content-size header.
- Prevent processing from the CLI when root_url is calculated

MicroTiny v2.2.1
- Minor fix for filepicker plugin.

News v2.51.3
- For security, no longer urldecode the detailtemplate parameter in detail view.
This may have some implications for people that are specifying the detailtemplate parameter (with a template with special characters) from within a WYSIWYG (which is not recommended behavior).
- Convert title and dropdown options and text fields to entities before display.

ModuleManager v2.1.2
- Now sort modules in the installed tab a bit better.
- Now handle module 'not available' a bit better.

FileManager v1.6.4
- Add a different icon for navigating up one level.
- No longer allow uploading any php (or derivative) file.
- No longer allow renaming any file to have a .php extension (or a derivative).
- Fixes an issue when improper/invalid values for root path and uploads path are manually specified in the config.php

FilePicker v1.0.1
- No longer allow overriding the filepicker type on the URL.
- No longer allow uploading any .php files.

CMSContentmanager v1.1.6
- Now double check that the 'default parent' for new pages actually exists.

Navigator v1.0.8
- Minor english documentation correction.

Installation Assistant v1.3.3
- Now look for lib/include.php before include.php in step 8 and step 9 when connecting to CMSMS.
- Fixes to upgrade routine for 2.1.5 wrt. the 'Manage Stylesheets' permission (ignore an exception)