Now works in CMSMS 2.2+ and uses the hooks system to process the entire SCSS/LESS code from various stylesheets directly in {cms_stylesheet}
With the new CMSMS stylesheets hook you can now use many Sass/Less source CSS files in the Design manager (not limited to 1 anymore)

Now using Autoprefixer with Postcss directly from CLI - you must install it on your server (see the CLI tool from - Browsers list parameter removed

The @@CSSPreprocessor@@ tag is no more needed: the entire concatenated stylesheet is now processed - if you don't need the CSSPreprocessor module, simply remove it or disable it.

Removed the installer / uninstaller (nothing more to install and uninstall as there is no more event handler thanks to the hooks mechanism)
Now clears the CMSMS cache when the module preferences are changed
Bug fix wrt sourcemap files in Sass
Small admin look change