Version 2.1.6 - Spanish Wells
Core - General
- Now attempt to detect if a template name passed into CmsModule::GetTemplateResource() is already a resource string.
- endswith is now an accepted function in Smarty templates (fixes typo in security policy).
- Fixes for CmsNlsOperations when using a language detector.
- Fixes warnings in useroperations.
- Fixes problem with cms_selflink dir='up' since 2013.
- Modifies the OneEleven theme to set the meta referrer attribute for security purposes.
- Modifies the functionality of the CSRF tokens to be more secure (only set the cookie in one location, only set the session variable from the cookie).
- Increase Admin users list limit.
- Reduce time limit for daily version check to 3 seconds.
- cleanValues in Admin log and List Content.
- #11198 - Fixes problem with cms_selflink with aliases that starts with a numeric sign.
- Change new version check to timeout after 3 seconds..
- minor fix to the relative_time plugin.
- Admin menu item urls can now be built from the remaining members of the object, if not specified.
- {content_image} and {content_module} now preserve order properly and support the priority attribute.

Content Manager v1.1.4
- Fix bulk set-non-cachable functionality.
- Fix a bug wrt content blocks and the adding flag.

Installation Assistant v1.0.4
- Adds recommended check for ZipArchive.
- Improves method of determining a temp directory.

ModuleManager v2.0.5
- Improves functionality if ModuleRepository is not available.

News v2.50.6
- Minor fix to editing news articles from the Admin interface.