Version 2.1.5 - High Rock
Core - General
- Fix fatal error if an extcss stylesheet was placed in the Admin theme.
- Another minor fix to clearing cached files.
- Fixes problems where all files (including dot files) had to be writable before creating a module XML file.
- Fixes minor notice in user operations.
- Fixes for namespaced modules.
- Fixes an issue in CmsLayoutTemplate when creating a template from a type.
- Fixes an issue where a 404 handler error page would not be rendered correctly if for some reason the route did not specify a page id to load.
- More fixes to cms_url class.
- Improve the way page aliases are munged when they are supplied.
- Improve the error generated when a page alias cannot be generated.
- Minor fixes to the form_start plugin.
- Minor fixes to generation of moduleinfo.ini.
- Fix an error message in the autorefresh JavaScript class.
- Fix problems that could result in uid=1 becoming inactive, and not a member of other groups when edited by another user.
- Fix query problem in CmsLayoutStylesheetQuery with Mysql 5.7.

- #11080 - Parameter $adding in GetContentBlockFieldInput always FALSE.
- #11093 - Bad error message in jquery.cmsms_autorefresh.js.

Content Manager
- Improve error handling in Edit Content.
- Fix a problem with the call to GetTabElements.

Design Manager
- Fix problem with resetting a template back to factory defaults, or creating a new template from factory defaults.

Module Manager
- Improve the way modules with dependencies are installed and upgraded. (Got rid of the queue stuff).

- Use 'Manage Stylesheets' permission, not 'Modify Stylesheets' when searching stylesheets.

Phar Installer
- Adds missing 'Manage Stylesheets' permission that would not be created on upgrade from 1.12.