Version 2.1.3 - Black Point
Core - General
- Security fix to prevent HTTP_HOST attacks. Many thanks to I-TRACING ( for reporting it!!
- Remove stub .htaccess files from subdirectories
- Update the included sample htaccess.txt file for security
- Fix for endless loop when calculating a page alias in utf-8 environments
- Fix for endless loop when calculating a page alias and a page name/title ended with -
- Fixes a notice on the login page
- Optimize LoadContentFromId() to be typesafe, and use default page, if the id passed in is invalid
- Fix error condition if there were no default default design, or default page template
- Fix problem with system verification.

- #10825 - Admin-account settings don't remember startpage if you set one
- #10874 - When creating a page and the title has specific characters, CMSMS stops responding
- #10910 - content and content_module order incorrect Admin page
- #10911 - 'Use Admin Search' permission not being used in 2.1.2
- #10921 - Content Field to Display in Name Column not used

AdminSearch v1.0.1
- Minor fix to permissions checks.

Navigator v1.0.3
- Improved exception handling on install

News v2.50.5
- Fix error condition if no results were returned

Installation Assistant v1.0.3.1
- Tweaks to README files
- Improved error handling in some circumstances
- Fix some PHP7 issues.

- #10871 - Filemanager moving folder