Core - General
- Minor fix to missing lang string stuff
- Fixes to home page preferences
- API documentation fixes (minor)
- Fixes for ajax_content (the ajax routine behind the parent selector in edit content) to handle ordering inconsistencies.
- Remove die statement in is_email
- Minor fix to the relative_time modifier.
- Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.14
- Now do a check for E_ALL in the system info

News v2.50.4
- Now all field definitions can be deleted

ModuleManager v2.0.2
- Revamp module dependency calculations when installing a module.
- Minor fix for some notices in install and upgrade modules.
- Minor typo fixes.
- Minor fixes for PHP7

MenuManager v1.50.2
- make sure that uninstall cleans up properly.

MicroTiny v2.0.3
- minor template fix.
- fixes for stylesheet overrides.