Version 2.1 - Bahamas
Core - General
- Minor performance tweaks to sample htaccess.txt
- Minor fix to the ProcessTemplateFromDatabase module API method.
- Improvements and re-factor the way headers are sent wrt caching
- Add a new method to the ModuleOperations class to allow a module to be within a namespace.
- Enhances the Group class.
- Enhancements and fixes to the cms_url class.
- Modified the $mod->smarty reference to be smarter... it is now deprecated.
- Fixes issue with https requests (#10697)
- Modifies The CmsLayoutTemplate class and CmsLayoutTemplateQuery to allow filtering on listable or non listable
or setting a template as listable (default) or non listable
- Fixes a problem with styling of the login form if tasks must be run AND a module needs upgrading.
- Fixes to the cloning of templates in CmsLayoutTemplate
- Fixes problem with SetAllHierarchyPositions that cleared the entire cache instead of only the necessary part of it.
- Adds the unloadCancel handler to the lockManager jquery plugin.
- Moves version.php and include.php inside the lib directory so that they are easier to protect from unwanted direct access.
- Fixes to page alias tests when manually entering a page alias.
- Missing language strings are no longer output to Admin log, but to the debug log.
- Requests for modules that are not installed/enabled, or for invalid actions will now result in 404 errors.
- Fixed problem where restricted content editors could implicitly change the page alias.
- Improvements to the system information page, particularly the bbcode output.
- cms_init_editor, form_start, and cms_action_url plugins are no longer cachable.
- Adds the 'adminonly' option to the {content}, {content_image}, and {content_module} tags to allow only members of the 'Admin' group to manipulate the values of that block.
- Add a trivial check to the sitedown message to make sure that it is not empty.
- Minor fixes for PHP 7

MicroTiny v2.0.2
- Now add page hierarchy to autocomplete text when using the linker.
- Now use $smarty->CreateTemplate for clarity when compling the config template
- Now explicitly assign urls so that they do not get caced by smarty.
- Slightly tweak the default HTML content in the example tab.
- Updated tinymce to the latest 4.2.7 version, included the 'paste' plugin, and turned on 'paste_as_text'.
- Added the ability to enable the table plugin, now distribute the table plugin

CMSContentManager v1.0.2
- Fix problem with pagedefault metadata.
- Fixes for handling no listable templates for a design
- More work with locking. With only one exception all locking and unlocking is initiated via javascript.
- Minor fix to copycontent

DesignManager v1.1
- Adds ability to toggle the listability of a template.
- Fixes problems with lost changes if there is a syntax error in the template.
- More work with locking. With only one exception all locking and unlocking is initiated via javascript.

News v2.50.3
- Fixes minor issue with pagination in News admin console.
- Fix errors in the default form template.
- Fixed URL to long issues on redirection after adding/editing article.

Search v1.50.2
- Minor PHP7 fixes.

ModuleManager 2.0.1
- Minor fix to which modules could be uninstalled and deactivated.