- Complete rewrite of forgotten password functionality. This involved changing all of the templates for forgotten password, so you will need to reset your templates.
- Converts all tables to use innodb, and now enforces some foreign key relationships.
This helps ensure database integrity, and allows third party modules using the FEU API to create more foreign key relationships.
If a third party module creates a foreign key relationship to the users table, and data exists in the third party table keyed to an existing FEU account then those users cannot be deleted via the FEU admin until the third party data is erased.
- Adds the ability to delete a property (as long as it is not a module property, or a hidden/required member of any group.
- Removes undocumented and rarely used content_module functionality for group selector.
- Get rid of sequence tables.
- Rewrite the login functionality from scratch.
- Removed the noinline parameter.
- Added the inline parameter for the login form only. Links from the logout form (i.e: to logout, and to change settings will be done non-inline)
form=silent/action=silent now outputs stuff to global smarty scope (note variable names have changed, see the {$feu_data} array). This action is also deprecated.
- Fixes the delete user stuff.
- Now send the ondeleteuser event from within the api functions.
- Moved all of the forms into their own actions.... deprecated the form parameter.
- Now support specifying different templates for login, logout, changesettings, and forgotpw actions.
- Completely rewrite the lost username functionality. It now just asks for as much information as possible, and uses that information to try to find a unique user account.
- Adds a private section header custom content type.
- Now after change settings a message is displayed to the user on the logoutform.
- Numerous bug fixes.